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Very nice and very informative  Harshada Desai
A very informative book for someone who is a complete novice to the world of finance. Simple explanation and an engaging way of writing.
Excellent Book  Monica Singhania
Lets Talk Money is an excellent book for all as it manages to showcase the complex world of finance and economics in a rapidly changing global business environment largely in a self learning format.
An Excellant Book  Rajiv Gupta
The book explains various financial market aspects in very simple manner and analyses the genesis of 2008 market collapse in the right perspective.What is amazing is the events unfolding now are on the lines mentioned in the book- which must have been written sometime back. A must read for anybody interested in understanding complex financial markets in simple and easy to read book.
Quite Informative  Renu
Gives good knowledge about finance wrt Indian as well as global scenerio. Well done.
Educative  Sanjay
One of the best books on finance specifically to understand when where and why we should invest our finances
Must Read  Shinie
Lets Talk Money made me actually sit up and think about something I have been too lazy to - how to save!
Highly recommended - a must read  Pramod Joshi
Navigating financial markets and economic policy is made so much easier. Concepts of money long-forgotten are explained in simple straightforward terms without meaningless economic / financial market jargon. I have read it, and my children are going to be encouraged to do the same. This covers all ages and truly is a "must read" book. Bravo Mr Khanna!
Excellent   Manoj Motwani
A very good read for beginners in the complex world of finance!!
A good ready reference  Neharika
Very easy reading as it uncomplicates the financial world for laypersons and serves as a ready reference for general guidance. I just wish the Insurance chapter was more detailed especially with respect to differentiating between life and non life insurances and investment linked policies. This is a very fuzzy area for most of us. Defintely looking forward to a sequel!
Not another run-of-the-mill book  Ankita
This book is one of the most awesome books I have come across on finance And I am not exaggerating! Complex financial jargon and concepts are presented in an easy to understand manner for a layman...I must applaud the author for filling the gap and providing a much need book for all the pple with not-so-great knowledge of money and finance.
Simply superb  Alka
explains the fundamentals very simply and clearly. A must read for all teenagers money is one topic NOT taught in any school.
A true eye opener  Mayank
A book which any one can understand
mandatory for all people investing their money  Puneet
We are think that our investments are safe and we still use the same methodology at all eye opener..must read for all
Thanks Akhil Khanna
2.66666666666667  Nanta
What an awesome way to explain this-now I know eveyrtnhig!
Glad you liked it Akhil Khanna
Awesome Book  Divya Chaurasia
A good book. Must read
Thanks Akhil Khanna